Sunday, October 11, 2009

La cultura argentina

¡Bienvenidos a mi presentación de la cultura argentina!
Welcome to my presentation on Argentine culture! There are five steps to the presentation:
1) instructional video
2) pre-quiz to see how much you already know about Argentina and its culture
3) cultural presentation- consists of both a narrated video (3a) and the text of the narration (3b)
4) quiz on Vista (the quiz on Vista will be part of your homework grade for the class)
5) tarea (homework - you will prepare your own presentation on LatinAmerican culture)

1) Watch instructional video with learning objectives first!!

Pre-video quiz

3a) Video de la cultura argentina

3b) Texto de la narración del video
Durante el verano, me gusta ir a Argentina. Me gusta visitar a Buenos Aires, la capital de Argentina. Las personas de Buenos Aires se llaman “Porteños”. Cuando estoy en Buenos Aires, me gusta visitar la Casa Rosada en el centro de Buenos Aires. La Casa Rosada es similar a nuestra Casa Blanca.
Estas son las madres de la Plaza de Mayo. Ellas son muy famosas por su resistencia pasiva al gobierno militar. La mayoría de las madres son muy viejas. ¡Conozco a una madre que tiene noventa y dos años!
Esto es el cabildo en Buenos Aires, Argentina. El cabildo era (was) el centro del gobierno colonial de España.
Los edificios de Buenos Aires son famosos por su arquitectura. Estos son unos edificios hermosos en Buenos Aires. Esto es el subte en Buenos Aires. Es muy famoso porque es el subte es el más viejo en Latinoamérica. El subte vincula los barrios de Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires es famoso por sus barrios. Dos de los barrios famosos de Buenos Aires son San Telmo y La Boca.
San Telmo es muy famoso por el tango. En San Telmo bailan el tango en la plaza famosa Plaza Dorrego. Yo me quedo en el Hotel Carly en el barrio de San Telmo cuando estoy en Buenos Aires. Cuando estoy en el barrio de San Telmo me gusta comer el bife y tomar el vino tinto.
Esto es el barrio de La Boca. La Boca es famoso por sus casas brillantes. También el equipo famoso de fútbol, los Boca Juniors, está en La Boca.
Estos son mis amigos argentinos. A mis amigos les gusta esquiar por la mañana. Por la tarde mis amigos toman la siesta. Toman la siesta desde la una hasta las cuatro.
Después de la siesta, a mis amigos les gusta tomar un café o la yerba maté. La yerba maté es la bebida favorita de los argentinos. Un lugar famoso en Buenos Aires para tomar el café o la yerba maté es el Café Tortoni. El Café Tortoni es un restaurante muy famoso y viejo donde los Argentinos toman el café y la yerba maté.
A los argentinos les gusta jugar el Truco por la noche. Les gusta jugar el Truco con naipes. ¡A ellos les gusta jugar el Truco por muchas horas!

4) Vista - to take the quiz, which is a fill-in-the-blank quiz
No se olviden de tomar la prueba en Vista después de mirar el video y leer el párrafo.
(Don't forget to take the quiz on Vista after watching the video and reading the paragraph).

If you want to take a practice quiz first, click here.

5) Tarea - también necesitan hacer una presentación cultural.
(Also , you need to make a presentation on the culture of one of your favorite places in Latin America. The presentation can be in English and should be either a powerpoint presentation or a posterboard to be presented later in class.


  1. I liked this alot because it mixed it up from everything else that we do everyday in this class and in others. I appreciate the technology and I thought this was a cool way to learn about another culture, especially with links to the words that would be difficult for us.

    -Derrick Strosnider

  2. I thought it was extremely interesting from the point of view while looking at Bueños Aires itself. But could be expanded to include the lifestyles of the people in Patagonia and the marshland parts of the country. Things like the Iquazu falls or the Glacier in Patagonia which is the only still growing glacier in the world. When speaking of the lifestyles of the average Argentinian it is accurate and informative. However the backbone of the country is found mostly out of the city.

  3. I thought this was a very well-rounded presentation. It kept my attention throughout the whole video. The variety was excellent as well as the types of culture you chose. I liked that there was architecture, food, a little political history, and some recreation also, something for everybody to enjoy. The only critique I have is maybe you could have gone into a little more detail on the topics but this is a Spanish 101 class so we probably would not have understood it anyways. I enjoyed the brief and direct presentation.

    Mike Doonan

  4. I found this presentation to be helpful because it allowed me to hear as well as see much of what we've been learning in class in the form of audio or text. Having the pictures displayed while listening to the explanations for each one in Spanish helped a great deal and I think it speaks to a variety of leaning styles.

  5. I liked the ability to take my time translating a large amount of spanish. Rather then having a small amount that must fit into class times. I feel I can get a better handle on some of the vocabulary this way. The pictures, and sound helps alot too; I can replay the video and instead of the centro soundbytes, actually hear and read real spanish simultaneously.

    Steve Moscoe

  6. I enjoy this style of learning using visual aid accompanied by the composition which helps clarify anything unknown terms in the video. It helps when the word is linked to definition. I understood everything that was presented but there was a lot of information crammed into three minutes. I think I would have gained more knowledge about Argentina if the video was longer or was more specific, for example if it only focused on architecture or the culture. I had no background knowledge on Argentina, other then what we discuss in class, so this video was really helpful at giving a brief overview on the culture if I was planning on touring the country.

    Anna McCabe

  7. I really enjoyed this because I am a visual learner so it was very benefical for me to be able to listen to the narration and follow along as I watched the video. This helped me practice my Spanish comprehension and also learn about Argentina in a much more interesting way than reading about it in a book.

    -Jessica McKune

  8. I enjoyed the presentation and how it was set up since I am more of a visual learner. My greatest challenge when learning a foreign language is listening comprehension so being able to view the video and also read along with what is being said helped me a lot. I did learn about the country of Argentina but more so it helped me to comprehend what was going on and improve on learning the language itself.

    - Alyssa Pimentel

  9. The presentation was very effective for me I learned a lot. I got a chance to learn by looking at visuals as well as comprehending what the paragraph said and listening to fimiliar things also. This idea was great because it was something new to my learning process instead of the same things. The process helps me a lot and had a big effect on me.
    -Anthony Williams

  10. I found this usual . because it you can relate the subjects learned in class to reall life situations and how they be used to describe and event and items in that event with occured .

    shane simonian

  11. I found the presentation to be very helpful. Instead of just listening to an audio, and having to re-play it over and over; this presentation offered text alongside the video which made it much easier for me to comprehend. In addition I thought that it was nice change.
    My only critique is that the video could have been longer.

  12. I enjoyed the presentation, mostly because it introduced me to a different latin american culture. I'm from Mexico and havent really had the chance to learn much about the other south american cultures. Its interesting to see how they differ from my culture and how they are extremely different from american culture. The audio is a little distorted in the films but the text fallowing them were very useful when taking the quiz.

    Oscar Mendoza

  13. The video was very insightful on the history, and the latin american culture. I like how you gave intformation on the different areas of Argentina, such as the famous places for their architecture, restaurants for their food, dance pads and cafes that are built in with it. Also, adding in a little about you and your friends on the ski slope. I enjoyed the preseantation, filling me in with some knowledge of the latin american country, in the event I may go there someday.

    -Meagan Kerksieck

  14. For one, Buenos Aires looks freakin sweet. This form of quiz taking was a lot easier than watching a video and answering questions in class. It was nice to be able to look back at the text after watching the video and pick up the words that I missed. I also really liked the links to the spanish dictionary for certain words. It really helped to get a full understanding of the listening comprehension rather than just listening for the answers to the questions in front of me and ignoring everything else in the video.

    -Cory Gautreau

  15. I enjoyed this presentation because it gave us a brief look at a Spanish-speaking culture in a unique way. Reading about another culture in a text book just doesn't leave as much of an impact as actually hearing the descriptions in Spanish and seeing pictures of different places. The fact that it was a presentation made by our own teacher I think makes it more interesting as well. To be honest, I son't think people care as much about the experiences of a stranger. Also, it allows us to interact in a new way and provide more confident feedback, because a lot of students are too shy to speak their mind in person. I think this method of teaching is perfect for any type of learner because it gets students interested, and it's something that will stay with us for more than one class period. :]

    ~Lauren Mankin

  16. I actually really enjoyed the your video and the fact that there was written dialogue to make it easier to follow along. I found it helpful and useful to be able to listen to the dialogue because it helped me with pronunciation. The pictures were wonderful and matched the video presentation well. It was interesting to learn about Argentina this way and wouldn't mind learning about other places like this; with all the pictures and dialogue to go with. At first I thought it'd be a little awkward listening to this, but I really liked it. It gave me a small sense of what Argentina would be like if I were to go visit.

    -Stephanie Godin

  17. I thought that this assignment was very effective because it allows us to learn about a different culture and learn new spanish words. I like how you did not use easy, and recognizable Spanish words, and really made us pay attention to what you were saying in the video.

    -Olivia Alvizo

  18. I think this assinment was usful and a great use of time because it is a different way to learn. You learn from hearing the language being sopken. I valued this asisgnment greatly.

  19. I think this presentation was a great way to learn about Argentina. The pictures were a great way to show an interesting side of Buenos Aires. Overall the presentation was clear and touched upon the basic information of Buenos Aires if one wanted a quick reference of it. The use of technology is very educational and there is no restriction of time.

  20. Hola Benito! This presentation was a real feast for the eyes and the mind. I was particualry surprised to learn that the Tango originates from Argentina. The public transit system looks like AAA diner carts in top-dollar U.S. trains. It's quite impressive to see a city and a culture striving for so much aesthetic beauty--it's as though it was all designed in a dream. Moreover, the neighborhood of La Boca has now made its way onto the list of places I want to visit before I die. Having the text to follow along with was very helpful in order to discern what I already knew of the Spanish from what I had to connect with the visual images, and it also helped me keep up with the pace of your speech. Thank you for sharing a slice of such a beautiful country.

    -Benjamin Jacobson

  21. I thought the video lesson was very useful. I liked how you had what you said in the video written down on the blog, because I was able to print it off. Then I was able to write it out in English and I learned a lot of new vocabulary from it. I also liked how you had pictures in the video because if I did not understand what you were saying I was able to figure it out with the pictures. I think this is a great supplemental learning device and I think you should use it again.

  22. I thought that this method of learning was very effective. I really liked being able to have the option to listen, watch, and read about the culture of Argentina. I loved being able to learn at my own pace, and replay to video if needed. I thought this was very useful. Well worth the effort put into it.

  23. What a very cool trip you went on!!! I saw a Warren Miller Film where they went skiing in Equador, but I never thought that Argentina would be a spot that people would like esquiar. I hope you know that we as students really appreciate it when teachers put in so much effort to the clase. The fact that you made this blog and video, as well as taking the time to link words that you thought we might not know to wikipedia or spanishdict really impressed me and I want you to know that your effort does not go unappreciated.
    You put a lot of effort into making this and it is more than evident. I think this is a great way for students to learn. The computer es quickly becoming not just part de the lives of students, but where a lot of learning and growing takes place. By using the internet to teach and connect with your students it shows that you care about us and want to relate to us.
    The other use for something like your blog would be education in countries where students are not able to make it to class everyday, or at all. With the help of organizations like One Laptop per Child * * children are able to reach learning resources like yours and grow in so many ways.
    It was more than an assignment, it was a free vacation! Kinda cheezy but true!
    Thank you so much for taking all of us on your trip with you!

    Chad Warren

  24. I thought that this was very good method of teaching a lesson. It was nice to go at my own pace, and listen to the video again if need be. It was nice to have visuals, something to listen to, and something to read. Over all I think it is a very well put together page, and method of teaching.
    Kailey Garcia

  25. This was a refreshing way to learn. It really shook up the whole book and classroom approach. It was interesting information to learn about and my attention was heald throughout.


  26. Sharon said,
    Just an extension to my last comment. I believe that your site does help me memorize the vocabulary. I think we should be assigned a video and text to interpret for the class.

    Thank you Sir!